My first post…

Thanks for visiting! 

My 1st post is coming this Friday 9th March, then I’ll be posting weekly thereafter.

Follow my scary-exciting-wild journey from wannabe writer -> actual writer.

In the meantime, get to know me a little.

Cya soon 👋🏽

AB Guy

EDIT: I uploaded my first post a day early! Partly because it was ready & I thought “why not?”, and partly because I already upload on Fridays to my other blog.


12 thoughts on “My first post…

  1. Glad to have you in the wannabe writer club 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll all be leaving through the ‘real writer’ door soon enough 😀

    This is a stupid question, but how do I follow your blog? I don’t see a link anywhere

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      1. Hey, oh – I thought that clicking ‘Follow’ to add to the reader automatically opted you in to emails for new posts. I’ve been getting emails from others I’ve ‘Followed’ :S Clearly a newbie here…

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      2. So, if you click ‘Followers’ and then on an individual person, and then click the little “Settings” button, it lets you turn on/off notifications – and their frequency 👌🏽


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