Poem: a nice quiet Sunday

A nice quiet Sunday, just me and bro at home,

We both enjoy our downtime, sometimes we like to be alone.

Sundays are for reflecting,

Chilling out and introspecting,

Reflecting on the week behind,

Reflecting on the week ahead,

Reflecting on all the things going on inside your head.

Keeping some of those thoughts at bay,

Naming them when you need to do – so those thoughts don’t stay.

Some of those thoughts aren’t nice, you just want them to go away.

But facing them head-on helps make them go away.

For now at least. The mind is weird,

Things crop up from time-to-time,

One day you’ll feel downcast, the next you’ll be fine.

Just another Sunday, ticking away,

There’s something holy about it – last Sunday I prayed

At a church in the city,

Felt more at easy than I thought – some of the girls there were pretty.

Whoops – I shouldn’t be looking, should be praying instead,

Not thinking about which girl I wanna be taking out instead.

Hey, I’m only human, not committing a crime,

Though we all have our flaws, you have yours,

And I sure as hell have mine.

– – – – –

Written by,


aka: the awkward brown guy, and AB Guy

✏️ Sunday, 24th March 2018 @ 1.25pm

👀 Read more of my poetry here.


14 thoughts on “Poem: a nice quiet Sunday

  1. Love a sunday. I work from home so often juggle the ‘relaxing’ expectations with a few minutes of ‘I’ll just do … ‘ .. but it all works out in the end. Hope your writing keeps moving forward. Love your poems.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 🤣 shit, you’re right on that too 🙈

        In fact, I’m just finishing my final blog post for today and then I’m off to the workshop and shalt leaveth thy phoneth afar from person!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome!
        Me too – I tried about four days ago (as I blogged about) … it almost feels like a treat when you pick it up again then, as opposed to having it strapped to our sides like some essential pistol holster on our thighs 🤣🤣 (wouldn’t go down well in Tescos would it?!) but I just pictured cowboys walking around permanently armed.
        Right. I must practice what I preach and put this down now! I’m writing … 🤣🤣🥂🖌

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sundays are the best. I don’t go to my church as often anymore, but I do run the computer and projectors once a month, and I always feel refreshed and fulfilled. I also like to use part of most Sundays to write for the blog, and my novels.

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